Kent Tate:Catalyst Preview - Single Channel movie. Moving Images & Music: Kent Tate 3:29

Being natural born pattern seekers, we are forever looking for this or that clue to help explain what otherwise might appear unfathomable. Fundamentally Catalyst represents a type of diary without dates, of memories reconstructed to formulate my story.
A story that takes place in time and space, shaped by the earth and sky.

Filmed on location by Kent Tate: Toronto, Ontario - Capital Reef, Utah - Nanaimo, British Columbia - Surrey, British Columbia
Regina, Saskatchewan - Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan.

Official selection, "Artificial Identity” (TIME is Love Screening) Tulum, Mexico
Official selection: Composthumanism Film Screening, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada
Official selection: London Experimental International Film Festival, London, UK
Official selection: Annual Kamloops Film Festival, Kamloops, Canada
Official selection: The Unforeseen, Int'l Exp Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
Official selection: Denver Underground Film Festival, Denver, USA
Official selection: Finalist Best Experiemntal, Cuzco Underground Cinema Festival, Cuzco, Peru
Official selection: CODEC International Festival of Experimental Video/Film - Touring Aug - Dec 2018,
Monterrey, Tijuana, Sinaloa, Tijuana, and Mexico City, Mexico
Official Selection: 2nd place best experimental, Walthamstow International Film Festival, London, UK
Official Selection: Fracto 2018 - Berlin, Germany 
Official Selection: "The Virtuosic Image" VIVO, Vancouver, Canada

Distributed by the Satellite Video Exchange Society & the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre