Kent Tate: FURNACE Preview - Director, cinematographer & sound design - Kent Tate 16:33   CV

For three years I researched and filmed various locations in the interior of British Columbia in more or less a geographical triangle from Kamloops to the east, Ashcroft to the west, and Spences Bridge to the south. My main focus has been the semi-deserts, deep valleys, and plateaus to define how I see the interactions of the natural and manufactured worlds, worlds brought into my perspective by the ever changing presence of shadow and light. 

Since I began this project in 2016 there have been two record breaking forest fire seasons in 2017 and 2018 with a combined total of over 25000 square kilometres of area burned. The loss of forest habitat as well as the widespread smoke and haze have had a profound effect on every living system in the BC interior. Some ecological zones have shrunk as others have expanded with the only constant being a state of increasing instability. 

After a mild, wet winter and spring another hot dry summer returned in 2018 with over 13,000 square kilometres of forest burned in British Columbia, a total that exceeded the forests burned in 2017. In spite of what seemed like endless smoke and haze at times, the occasional day of illuminating light would occur, reminders of a world I once knew, a world rapidly changing in the midst of the “Holocene.” 

Sequences in order of appearance: After the Fires (Fall 2017) - During the fires (Summer 2017) - Before the Fires (Summer/Fall 2016 & Spring 2017) - One Year after the Fires (Spring 2018) 

Filmed by Kent Tate on location in the interior of British Columbia + an appearance by Jay Forrester & the voice of a friendly passerby.

FURNACE is distributed by: 
The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) - Toronto, Canada 
Satellite Video Exchange Society (VIVO Media Arts Centre) - Vancouver, Canada