Kent Tate: 10th Frame Preview - Single Channel movie. Film & Music - Kent Tate

Memories are a confluence of the personal and the collective, the secret and the shared. Shaped by time and space, memories
alter perceptions of what is remembered as well as what is forgotten. 

Pope John Paul II arrived at the Vancouver International Airport on Sept. 18, 1984. Days before his arrival, Transport Canada urged people to stay away, stating that there would be “absolutely no opportunity” to view Pope Paul at the airport. A local reporter at the time remarked that “You’d take 10 frames and you’d never get him, and then suddenly his face would appear between the two cops standing in front.” Eleven years earlier on Sept. 18, 1975 Patty Hearst was arrested by the FBI 1,532 Km south of Vancouver.

While in Vancouver John Paul II travelled in the PopeMobile which was newly retrofitted with bullet proof glass. In 1981 the Pope
had survived an assassination attempt at the Vatican in the original PopeMobile. That was an open air vehicle, as was the Lincoln Continental where John F. Kennedy was assassinated 18 years earlier in Dallas, Texas.

As I was editing “10th Frame” I thought a lot about the Zapruder film, an 8 mm home movie where every portion of every frame has been scrutinized by conspiracy theorists and curiosity seekers for the last 55 years. Two years after the Pope’s visit to Vancouver,
Expo 86 was held, a World’s Fair that some argue laid the groundwork for the city as we know it today. There are those that remain convinced that Patty Hearst was framed, while rumors surrounding Expo 86 persist.

Filmed by Kent Tate: Vancouver, British Columbia (1984) Digital transfer, edit, and sound design by Kent Tate (2018)

Official selection, Burnt Experimental Video Art & Film, Montreal, Canada
Official Selection: Walthamstow International Film Festival, London, UK
Official Selection: Film + Sound Series, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, Canada
Official Selection: Its Anniversary Time! VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada 
Official Selection: Winnipeg Underground Film Festival - Winnipeg, Canada 

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