Kent Tate: Inventory Preview - Single Channel movie. Moving Images & Music - Kent Tate 2:24

Often the very things that appear to enable a sense of security, stability, and status can be disrupted, or rendered obsolete, destined
to become a memory, or simply just forgotten. On the other hand, things that frame our passions while informing our dreams have the very real potential of retaining their meaning, regardless of any actual or imagined externalities.

Before leaving home last July to begin an artist residency I went to pick up a couple of things at a nearby big box store only to discover that it had been shut down. A crew was removing all the signs on the exterior of the building while the interior of the building was already absent of any inventory. This began a meme that I saw over and over during that month, where the cycles of boom and bust, dreams and nightmares, desires and hopes, both fulfilled, and unfulfilled revealed their mark. Filmed on location in British Columbia and Alberta.

Official selection: III Muestra de Video Arte Faenza - Bogotá, Colombia
Official selection: KOSMA International Invitational Exhibition - Seoul, Korea
Official selection: London Experimental International Film Festival - London, UK

Distributed by The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) Toronto, Canada