Kent Tate Recollection - Premonition Preview - Super 8mm film: Director & Sound Design - Kent Tate 2:32

Synopsis - Am I him or am I not? Did I know her or did she know me? I'm not certain who they are yet I feel I have always known them and I can’t help but wonder what became of them. A figure appears then dissolves as the film becomes a memory map. An other figure then appears and merges into the topography of the aged film before once again the first figure briefly reappears.

In March 2020 the Province of British Columbia declared a State of COVID-19 Emergency. Since the lockdown I've been projecting and recording some of my family's regular/super 8mm home movies that I haven't looked at in years. As I recorded and edited the footage a sensation of recollection and premonition emerged in every frame especially as I began working on new music that reflected my feelings during this time.