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Preview: Moving images & Music: Kent Tate.

Preview: Moving images & Music: Kent Tate. 

Carbon Sky is an exploration of natural and manufactured worlds that co-exist where I live in western Canada. Even though my focus was the ever changing presence of shadow and light I was never able to separate my imagination from the political, commercial, and cultural impacts that shaped everything I saw.

Director’s notes: During the filming of Carbon Sky I would often return to the exact same location over and over again, sometimes five, ten, twenty times during a period of days, weeks, months, and years.

During the time that I was filming over 25000 square kilometres of land in British Columbia was destroyed during two record breaking wildfire seasons.

In spite of what seemed like endless smoke and haze at times, days of illuminating light did occur, reminders of a world that once was, a world rapidly changing in the midst of the Anthropocene.

Official selection: 7th Cine Tornado International Festival - Curitiba, Brazil  
Official selection: Calcutta International Short Film Festival - Calcutta, India 
Official selection: International Festival Signs of Night - Bangkok, Thailand

Carbon Sky is distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) - Toronto, Canada,  and the Satellite Video Exchange Society (VIVO Media Arts Centre) - Vancouver, Canada.