Kent Tate: FURNACE Preview: Moving Images & Music - Kent Tate 9:47   CV

Furnace is an exploration of the natural and manufactured worlds that co-exist where I live in western Canada. Usually I would only observe the ever changing presence of shadow and light I had found here although on frequent occasions I would film what I saw. During the time that I was filming over 25000 square kilometres of land was been destroyed during two record breaking wildfire seasons..

In spite of what seemed like endless smoke and haze at times, days of illuminating light did occur, reminders of a world that once was, a world rapidly changing in the midst of the Anthropocene.

Director's notes: One of the unintended consequences of global warming and air pollution is the increasing smoke and haze in the atmosphere. This creates what climate scientists refer to as “Global Dimming.” Colors and forms that were once so vivid have become increasingly muted as the intricate relationships of light and shadow recede under a grey metallic dome.

Filmed by Kent Tate on location in the interior of British Columbia + an appearance by Jay Forrester & the voice of a friendly passerby.

Official selection: International Experimental Film & New Media - Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Official selection: International Festival Signs of the Night - Urbino, Italy 
Official selection: CODEC International Film & Video Festival - Mexico City, Mexico
Official selection: FOTOGENIA Film Poetry & Divergent Narratives - Mexico City, Mexico

FURNACE is distributed by: 
The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) - Toronto, Canada 
Satellite Video Exchange Society (VIVO Media Arts Centre) - Vancouver, Canada