Kent Tate Movies

Kent Tate is an award winning Canadian artist/filmmaker whose artworks represent various separate, yet coexisting worlds, some of which are expanding, while others are disappearing. His movies have been shown in various international film festivals, symposiums, juried screenings, & numerous solo and group exhibitions. For a selected list of Kent Tate's movies, and exhibitions visit CV page.


The Winnipeg Film Group distributes Burning Farm House, Shadows from Magnets, Compression, Isolated Gestures, Landing sites,
The Sun comes out at Night, Focal Point, Velocity, and Inventory. The Satellite Video Exchange Society  (VIVO Media Arts Centre) distributes No Rest for the Restless, Sensors, Carbon Sky, Furnace, Cornucopia, 10th Frame, and Catalyst. The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) distributes Sensors, Carbon Sky, Furnace, Cornucopia, Rupture, Catalyst, Utopia, Velocity, and Inventory