Kent Tate: Utopia Preview - Single Channel movie. Moving Images & Music - Kent Tate 3:32

The purpose of this or that, or its role in enabling a sense of security or status is ephemeral, depending on factors that may or may not be readily apparent. As systems shift from one emphasis to an other, or as one system supplants an other, the meaning of something can be altered to such a degree that a new description may be required to understand its context.

Utopia: Various intersections in downtown Vancouver - Fishing Boat approaches Ucluelet after some time out at sea - Afternoon clouds, Crowsnest Mountain - Sentinel Industrial Park in need of tenants, Crowsnest Valley - Deer resting on a cliff near Nanaimo - Dimensional collision of a city, a mountain, and a deer - The outer edge of a thunderstorm, Drumheller Valley - Jelly fish and other types of fish in the Monterey Aquarium - Early morning in Central City, Surrey - Shack Island at high tide in Pipers Lagoon - A corporate logo removed from a building in the Fraser Valley - Low clouds drift over Halemaumau Crater - Erupting lava flow reaches the Pacific ocean on the Island of Hawaii - Shipping containers neatly stacked at Duke Point.

In 1615 Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala completed his monumental work “The First New Chronicle and Good Government.” The illustrated manuscript is a comprehensive account of the Andes from the time of the pre-Incas, the Incas, and the Spanish. In 1870 Jules Verne wrote “Twenty Thousand Leagues beneath the Sea.” In 1874 Verne wrote “The Mysterious Island.” Captain Nemo (Latin for “Nobody”) was a scientific genius and sea captain whose character appears in both of those novels. In 1979 James Lovelock published “The Gaia hypothesis” wherein he asserted that the Earth is a synergetic, self-regulating system that maintains and perpetuates the conditions for life on this planet.

Filmed on location: Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Ucluelet, Shack Island, Pipers lagoon, Nanaimo, Duke Point, British Columbia - Crowsnest Valley, Crowsnest Mountain, Drumheller Valley, Alberta - HVNP, Island of Hawaii - Monterey, California.

Official selection: Invitational Exhibition, Asian Cultural Center - Gwangju, Korea
Official selection: Image Play International Video Art Festival - Funchal, Portugal
Official selection: Film & Video Art program, North Bellarine Film Festival, Bellarine, Australia 
Official Selection: Mirada efímera, Museum of Contemporary Art BA, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Official Selection: Marfici International Independent Film Festival, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Official Selection: London Experimental International Independent Film Festival, London, UK
Official Selection: Circuit - Nightingale Room, The Grand Central, Brighton, UK
Official Selection: Annaul Members Screening - Paved Arts, Saskatoon, Canada

Distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC)