Kent Tate: Velocity Preview - Single Channel movie. Moving Images & Music - Kent Tate

I generally gravitate towards places that reveal the many layers of time. This is when I like to imagine worlds that have passed, worlds that are present, and worlds that are yet to be. 

In 2009 Johan Rockström led the team which developed the "Planetary Boundaries Framework," a set of 9 boundaries that they define as a “safe operating space for humanity.” These scientists assert that once certain thresholds or tipping points are passed there is a risk of “irreversible and abrupt environmental change." In 1976 a number of companies began selling genetically modified foods and pharmacueticals for the first time. “Velocity” is conceived as impressions of my recognition that we are in the midst of the "Anthropocene period" and the "Holocene extinction." Eras in which our world is being transformed into something we may, or may not yet imagine.

Filmed on location: Pipers lagoon, Departure Bay, Shack Island, Smugglers Hill, Nanaimo, British Columbia - Office Building, Abbotsford, British Columbia - Sentinel Industrial Park, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Crowsnest Mountain, Coleman, Alberta. Some of these locations are situated on the Ring of Fire, a basin in the Pacific Ocean, while others are situated on the Continental Divide of the Americas. Eighty Five million years ago all these areas were part of a vast global network of swampy marshes and low lying seas. 

Additional layered footage: Re-mixed animations from a late twentieth century human biology CD - Shadows of the alternate viewers next to their car parked at Reed Lake, Saskatchewan - Lighting strikes repeatedly at Reed Lake, Saskatchewan - Flaring gas tower at an oil refinery, Loydminster, Saskatchewan - De-comissioned grocery store parking lot, Chilliwack, British Columbia - Crowsnest Mountain in Alberta under the spell of the "Pacific Blob" during a long hot dry summer - Office towers in downtown Edmonton, Alberta - Ohia tree in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park caught on fire by Pāhoehoe lava - High altitude cloud with lens flare that I filmed above the Mauna Loa observatory (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory) on the Island of Hawaii - Rendering of the Monolith as I remember it from Arthur C. Clarke’s “Space Odyssey series” - A silhouette of a lonely crow.

Official Selection: Broken Screen Exhibition - Bueno Aires, Argentina
Official Selection: Broken Screen Exhibition - San Juan, Argentina
Best Experimental: Walthamstow International Film Festival - London, UK
Official Selection: Fisura Int'l Film & Video Festival - Mexico City, Mexico
Official Selection: International Festival Signs of the Night /Urbino, Italy
Official Selection: International Festival Signs of the Night / Paris, France
Official Selection: International Festival Signs of the Night / Lisbon, Portugal
Official selection: WFG Annual Screening, Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Canada

Velocity is distributed by:
The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) Toronto, Canada
The Winnipeg Film Group (WFG) Winnipeg, Canada